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Solo Exhibition  |   July 9th – August 7th, 2022


Saturday  |  July 9th  |  5 pm – 8 pm

Hosted by

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Gallery Hours


Tues – Sat


10 am –  2 pm

10 am –  4 pm

11 am –  4 pm

Unknown Ancestors pays homage to my grandmother, a Mexican immigrant, no longer with us, but still a large influence on the art I make and the concepts I explore within it. While spending a large portion of my childhood in my grandmother’s care, my creativity was fostered and I was influenced by my grandmother’s deep love for nature. While done out of caution and care, I believe my family’s American assimilation created a barrier to my ancestral culture that I still continue to grapple with today. I find myself using my art as an attempt to build a bridge and make a deeper connection with my Mexican heritage. The images from this collection are from photo references of my travels within Mexico.

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