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Uli Smith-wth mural.JPG

Uli Smith is a self-taught visual artist and muralist living in Sacramento, California. Smith holds a Master of Public Health degree from the University of San Francisco and worked in public health for nearly 10 years before transitioning to a full-time artist. Her health background informs her art practice as she believes in the capacity for art to heal people and spaces, and be a catalyst for social change. She seeks out opportunities at the intersection of public health and the arts through community-engaged murals and art education projects.

Smith aspires for her paintings to have a positive effect on people, uplift moods and energize souls. Her acrylic pieces are often optimistic and hopeful in expression, filled with vivid and bold color combinations, and graphic designs. Smith's art commonly features nature, as she wants her art to pay tribute to the natural brilliancy of our environment and serve as a reminder to reconnect with and protect it. More recently, Smith has been exploring the barriers to her ancestral culture and using her art as an attempt to build a bridge and make a deeper connection with her Mexican heritage.

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