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Uli Smith is a California-based visual artist and muralist currently residing in Sacramento. She holds a Master of Public Health degree from the University of San Francisco and spent ten years working in public health before deciding to pursue her passion for art full-time. Drawing upon her public health background, she views art as a means to heal people and spaces and effect social change.

Recognizing the transformative power that public art can have on the communities it serves, Smith began to focus on mural art in 2022. Since then, she has painted over twenty murals in California and more recently, in Washington. Along with her mural work, she is a fine art painter and installation artist, aspiring for her paintings to have a positive effect on people, uplifting moods and energizing souls. Her acrylic pieces are often optimistic and hopeful in expression, filled with vivid and bold color combinations, and graphic designs. She commonly features nature in her art, aiming to pay tribute to the natural brilliance of our environment and serve as a reminder to reconnect with and protect it. Furthermore, Smith has been exploring themes of identity and the barriers to her ancestral culture, using her art as an attempt to build a bridge and make a deeper connection with her Mexican heritage.

In addition to her art practice, Smith is the creator and host of the Talk Arty to Me Podcast, and she serves as a curator at The Gallery by We Are Sacramento.

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