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Hand painted pair of Nike Air Force Ones for Improve Your Tomorrow's Sneaker Ball.

Hand-painted Nike Air Force Ones, designed to raise awareness for mental health and wellness. This unique pair of sneakers was a collaboration with Improve Your Tomorrow, a Black-led not-for-profit organization dedicated to transforming the landscape of college attainment within underrepresented communities.

The sneakers featured a vibrant and uplifting design that symbolized the journey towards mental well-being. Elements such as bright colors, positive affirmations, and empowering imagery was incorporated to promote a sense of balance and positivity.

Proceeds from the auction went to Improve Your Tomorrow's Sneaker Ball fundraising event.

Improve Your Tomorrow is a Black-led not-for-profit organization committed to reshaping the narrative around college attainment within marginalized communities. Through mentorship, academic support, and community engagement, the organization empowers young individuals to reach their full potential and break down barriers to higher education.

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