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Air Piñatas One

Custom Nike sneakers commissioned by Arden Fair Mall.

In Aztec tradition, piñatas commemorated the birthday of Huitzilopochtli, deity of the Sun and fire. Traditionally they were made of clay pots decorated with colorful feathers. When the pot was broken with a stick or club, the treasures inside would fall to the feet of the idol as an offering.

These sneakers are my offering to culture and to those continuing to bend the rules of what is considered art and worthy of display.

“The Future Is Sneakers” by Keia Kodama is a mixed media installation where Kodama collaborates with seven fellow Sacramentan artists to explore the intersection of art and sneaker culture. The aim is to emphasize the value and creative potential found within both realms. Drawing from the global impact of sneaker culture, the artwork transcends its mainstream association, delving into a more imaginative and expressive direction.

1689 Arden Wy, Sacramento, CA 95815

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