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In honor of Sutter Health's centennial celebration, local artist, Uli Smith, designed this mural to tell the story of Sutter's history in the Sacramento region and its diverse community.

As the Spanish Flu pandemic hit the Sacramento area in the 1920's, Sutter Health opened its first hospital here in response to the community's health crisis. Since then, the Sutter staff has been unwaveringly committed to quality care for 100 years.
In the top right, the original Sutter General Hospital, built in 1923, is depicted. Its predecessor rendered below it, Sutter Memorial Hospital. Each of these historic sites have since been decommissioned.
In addition, a selection of significant current buildings are displayed including the historic Sutter Old Tavern, the Capital Pavilion building and the Anderson Lucchetti Women's and Children's Center.
All of these buildings represent the impactful presence of Sutter Health throughout Sacramento's history.
The foreground of the mural features the diverse community of healthcare providers, nurses, staff, and the patients they serve.
Inclusivity is a main theme with the goal of representing all ages, physical abilities, ethnicities, genders, and more identifying qualities among this community. Sacramento's beautiful diversity is captured and mirrored within the mural, allowing viewers to see themselves within it and know "I belong here".
This piece is especially meaningful to Uli, as she is a former employee on this campus and, after pursuing artistry full time, she remains a Sutter patient. Through her use of uplifting, bright and bold colors, her background in healthcare, and her passion for public art, she brings to life the celebration of Sutter Health's impact on Sacramento in the last 100 years.

12’ 11” x 8’ 8”

approximately 112 square feet 

2825 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95816

Sutter on the Scene

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