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Community Engaged Mural

2022 – 2023

The Franklin Neighborhood Development Corporation (FNDC), in partnership with the Sacramento Office of Arts and Culture, commissioned a mural on the wall of a business on 21st Ave.

The mural objective was to help create a more welcoming environment along a key walking route between South Oak Park, North City Farms, and the Franklin District, and to and from Ethel Phillips Elementary School, and to help reconnect these neighborhoods that were cut off by the construction of Highway 99 in the 1960s.

"Love for the BLVD" is a vibrant and dynamic expression of the community's rich cultural tapestry, celebrating the diverse elements that make the neighborhood unique. Street vending, a beloved part of the local culture, takes center stage, portraying the tireless entrepreneurs who infuse the streets with flavor and character. The classic car community, another cherished facet of the identity, gleams proudly, its gleaming vehicle embodying a timeless passion.

What makes "Love for the BLVD" truly exceptional is the collaborative spirit that brought it to life. It wasn't imposed on the community; it emerged from it. Through a process of community engagement, the mural's design was shaped by the very people who live, work, and play along Franklin Boulevard. It reflects the community’s collective memories, dreams, and aspirations.



16' x 10'


Sacramento, CA

Love for the BLVD


Process Photos by Matthew Flores

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